The Smartwatch

The Smartwatch. What is the Smartwatch? History of the Smartwatches. The Modern Smartwatch. Impact on Life. Features. Examples of Smartwatch Developers. Apple Smartwatch. Samsung Galaxy Gear. Pebble Smartwatch. Smartwatch Users. The Future of Mobile Technology. The Future of the Smartwatch. Amazing Things Smart Watches Can Do. Conclusion.

Invented in 1982 :Pulsar NL Co1 by Seiko.

Announced in September 2014, releasing April 2015 iOS, Siri, Apple pay integrated Functions as a remote for Apple TV , viewfinder for the iPhone’s camera, walkie-talkie Numerous health tracking features Expected to provide a strong boost to a smartwatch sales.

 Help You Get Fit 2. Sync Up To Music 3. Be Futuristic 4. Help You Watch Over Your Little Ones 5. Keep You Fashionable 6. Be Super-Cutting Edge 7. Act as a Remote Camera Shutter 8. Check Sports Scores 9. Send Texts From Your Watch 10. Control Your House And etc.

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  • The Smartwatch
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