The public transport Why is it unattractive?

The public transport Why is it unattractive?.

The buses are too cramped or not enough buses are driving on routes

Buses are late or leave the bus stops too early

Technical status of the transport (including not working el. ticket checkers)

So as I have mentioned before once I have been able to carry out the research I would be waiting on the comments from the VVT director, yet the answers never came. As if they do not actually care about the perspective that the users have or what it takes for more people to start using the public transport.I have contacted Mr. Nakutis in advance before even doing the research, to ask if he would be willing to cooperate, Instead of Mr. Nakutis, I got a reply from his assistant saying that they would willingly cooperate I have even sent them the dates when will I be questioning, grouping the answers, sending them the information and due date of the article to all of which they replied positively and even mentioned that it will be very interesting to hear about the thoughts of the users. But once I have sent the email with the information, I did not get any reply or comments. Once the article delayed for one more week i instantly tried to get a hold of him but still no luck, this has continued over the whole week, but my efforts brought me no luck.

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  • The public transport Why is it unattractive?
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