THE Global warming

THE Global warming.

Islands such as Maldives or Tuvalu, whose highest point is just half a meter above sea level, will disappear from the map. How to? The world is getting warmer, sea levels are rising, partly due to the melting of glaciers, partly due to the increase of the ocean area. When? It's inevitable. Even if global warming would end today, water, seas still would be several centuries. Several years ago, Tuvalu has already been a lot of flooding,.

Rainfall will decrease, and population grow, so start wars over water resources. How to? It is estimated that in countries where water is scarce today, the population increase of 25 per cent., And global warming only exacerbate the situation. When? Far-sighted politicians of the world has previously said that future wars in the Middle East will not because of oil, but over water.

Hurricanes, typhoons and storms will become stronger and will come into those areas that previously were not. So and Lithuania to reach us unprecedented strength of the winds. US rampage element can be regarded as a prophet of the forecasts. How to? Storm accumulating energy over warm seas, so rising ocean temperatures and increases the threat of those regions, with the sea (as in our Baltic Sea) until it was too cold to form such weather phenomena.

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