The Flight

The Flight.

Luckily, I had a seat next to the window. The view was exhiliratingly beautiful. The earth looked like a blanket, a big, big, blanket. Soon, soon the land dissapeard from sight and the view was conquered by lots and lots of water. I decided to abandon the “pleasure” of looking at nothing and have some sleep. I shut my eyes and just stopped thinking for a while.

Eventually, I awoke from my boringess induced slumber to see that, remarkably, I have awoken just before the plane landed. We landed, I stood up, gathered my smaller belongings and got to the exit doors. They opened, my lungs filled up with the hot, damp and exotic air of Singapore. Suddenly, something strook my body and it wasn’t the heat nor the wind – It was the realisation that I’m abroad and far away from my daily troubles.

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  • The Flight
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