The environment Global warming

The environment Global warming.

Global warming(globalinis atsilimas), drought(sausra), greenhouse effect(siltnamio efektas), carbon dioxide(co2), the ozone layer(o3), ultraviolet radiation(uv), holes in the ozone layer(hole in o3)“ ozone- friendly”, deforestation, the soil(dirvozemis), to wash away, to become extinct, pollution, waste gases, lead(svinas-Ph), very poisonous, unleaded petrol(besvinis benzinas), acid rain, to dissolve in water, industrial waste, chemical fertilizers(trasos) and pesticides, alternative energy, solar power, wind power, water power, hydroelectric power, recycling, rubbish, raw materials(zaleva), recycled paper

5. Why have appeared the holes in the ozone layer?

8. What and whom are we to blaim because of the pollution?

10. Why recycling is so important? Can everyone contribute to this ?

2. What can be done in order to stop hazardous environmental factors? Discuss this in groups and present your ideas.

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  • The environment Global warming
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