Talk about Global warming

Talk about Global warming.

Secondly, I want to talk about effects of global warming. One of the greenhouse gases rising examples is ice caps melting. CO2 quantity is rising and it encourages ice to melt. Also sea level is raised, hurricanes and others planet disasters are more frequent and stronger. Most of the people thinks that these problems in the future will be much worse. Ozone layer will be more vulnerable, temperature will be rising more and more, epidemics will be more frequent, some animals species will disapper.

Finally, I want to talk about some activities and will help to solve this problem. One way is to use renewable Energy. For example biofuels, wind and sun energy. People should less be driving with cars and should more travel with bikes or insted just walk more. Maybe people should star to use electrical or hybrid cars.

In conclusion, I want to say that global warming and climate changes is not easy to stop.

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