Sweden: International Economic Relations

Sweden: International Economic Relations.

The top export destinations of Sweden are Germany ($16.9B), the United Kingdom ($12.3B), Denmark ($11.7B), Norway ($11.4B) and the United States ($10.2B). The top import origins are Germany ($26.5B), the Netherlands ($12.5B), Denmark ($11.1B), Norway ($10.1B) and the United Kingdom ($9.3B).

In 2014-15, Australia's two way merchandise trade with Sweden totalled A$2.18 billion, overwhelmingly in Sweden's favour. Australian merchandise exports to Sweden totalled A$260 million and included coal, non-electrical engines and motors and alcoholic beverages. Imports from Sweden totalled A$1.9 billion and included medicaments and pharmaceutical products, vehicle parts and accessories and civil engineering equipment and parts.

The Netherlands is one of Sweden’s main investors, particularly businesses in the transport, chemical and high-tech sectors.

The Netherlands is one of Sweden’s top ten trading partners, and has a trade surplus with it. Sweden’s main export products to the Netherlands are fuels, paper and cardboard, generators, engines and cars. The Netherlands’ main export products to Sweden are fruits and vegetables, live animals, chemicals, machinery and transport equipment.

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