Social Media for SelfCare

Social Media for SelfCare.

Customer Metrics Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): E-signature may create long term relationships with customers and CYTA. This helps to get customer for the best price, because for CYTA it will not cost a lot, and e-signature will help in daily life of customers. Customer Satisfaction & Retention: E-signature will make CYTA customers happier and more satisfied, because it makes easier for customers to operate in e-operations. Net Promoter Score (NPS): E-signature is connected wit long-term company grow, because customers will be involved in this facility and they do not want to refuse it. Number Of Customers: With using e-signature, CYTA will involve more customers, because of facility necessary.

Process Metrics Percentage Of Product Defects: The number of defects may appear in this operation, but CYTA can launch measures to protect that. LOB Efficiency Measure: E-signature efficiency is obvious, because in today’s technological world in became necessary to get. People Metrics Employee Turnover Rate (ETR): Not much employees should be needed to coordinate this operations, because this work can perform programs. Employee Satisfaction: CYTA employees will be satisfied with the job will be performed with programs and employees have to only control it.

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  • Social Media for SelfCare
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