Social advertising

Social advertising.

The main social problems, which are trying to solve social advertising:

Accept a New Behavior (for example wear a life vest while boating) to reduce drowninigs

Modify a Current Behavior Wear car seat belts (reduce injuries in accidents)

Abandon an Old Behavior If You Smoke, then Quit (reduce incidence of birth defects)

Also one of the most important social advertising target is ecology problems all over the world. Increasing pollution, global warming, natural resource depletion, climate change and other things makes people to pay attention to these important problems. In my opinion this kind of information is immportant because people never think about anything until they see it. And the future forecasts for our planet it‘s not as good as we want it to be. So together we can change it.

As well as already listed social issues immportant is domestic violence problem. I would like to highlight that this problem is very rooted in our country. In this slide I like to show social ad about domestic violence. There is al lot of posters and TV commercials about it.

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