Sea port of Kaliningrad

Sea port of Kaliningrad.

Fishing port area and trading port area borders with each other and also with artificial ports: Volnij, Industrialnij, Lesnoj and Pregolya river.

Restriction of ports and channels are these: drafts should not be bigger than 8 meters, its maximum length 170 meters and width not smaller than 25 meters. The maximum length of bulk carriers and tankers should be 140 meters in length.

If the vessel outnumbers these restrictions then the only way to pass through (or enter the port) is by getting ports master’s special permission.

,,Lukoil’’ terminal – located approximately in the middle of the channel. The maximum length of tankers are 170 meters and the biggest draft of loaded vessel’s are 9,40 meters.

,,Содружество-Соя’’ (sodruzhestvo soya) terminal – located 14 miles from channel entrance, near ,,Lukoil’s’’ terminal. It is the maximum length should be around 186 meters and draft of 9,4 meters.

The depth of the port and the channel may vary depending on wind direction and strength. In the certain cases the draft of a ship can be loaded over 8 meters. Also in some cases, the draft can go up (or down) to 7,8-7,9 but it all happens rarely.

Kaliningrad port has three separate stevedoring companies where every one of them has its own handling equipment and areas of open storages.

Those companies are: Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port, the State Fishery Port, Kaliningrad River Port.Kaliningrad Silo and GMB Terminal handle fertilizers in bulk for export.

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