Scotland presentation

Scotland presentation.

The Scottish flag - rectangular white cross on a blue background (also called St. Andrew's Cross).

In Scotland, there are three languages: English, Scottish Gaelic and Scots. Almost all of the Scots language in standard English. It is estimated that up to 30% of Scots are also paid by the Scots language, which belongs to the Germanic language group and significantly different from the general English. A little more than 1% of the population in everyday language used by the Scots Gaelic language, which is similar to the Irish. Almost all who speak Gaelic, as well as fluent in English.

Scot plaids and kilts specific to the culture of Scotland. Kilts are similar to the skirt and is made up of pledinio (checkered woolen) fabric. According to tradition, there would be worn in conjunction with a fur bag, special shoes, and sometimes with a dagger inserted into the stocking. Škotiškieji rugs vary considerably. Each is characterized by a certain clan or tribe.

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