Rococo style

Rococo style. Contents. What is Rococo? Rococo comes from. Characteristics of Rococo. The first feature was a new preference for pastel colors. Rococo history. Rococo style originated. Most popular rococo artists. Jean-Antoine Watteau. Jean-Antoine Watteau in the last year of his life. Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun. Self-Portrait with Straw Hat. Rococo architecture. Rococo architecture was. Rococo furniture. Modern French Rococo furniture was characterized by it‘s lightness. References. Available at https//buildingpast. Thanks for your attention.

What is Rococo? 3 Characteristics of Rococo 4 Rococo history 5 Most popular rococo artists 7 Rococo architecture 9 Rococo furniture 11 Refecences 13.

Jean-Antoine Watteau in the last year of his life, by Rosalba Carriera, 1721.

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