Public Relation in SPA Business

Public Relation in SPA Business.

aspects recognized in a general! marketing plan. The advertising is a communication means to target customers by using paid media mostly, for example print publications, the Internet, radio a nd television. Effective programs of advertising contain themes which commu nicate services and branding, specific product information and company mission as well.For advertising the media are chosen depend on what research of mariket has recognized as most effective method of accomplishing financiial resources and target audience which could be implemented to advertising depend on the budget of marketing(Kent, and Taylor, 2002, pp.21-22). Whe reas, public relations are communication technique used by the businesses to deliver an optimistiic image to the genera II public a nd a target audience (Kent, and Taylor, 2002, pp.26-27). Methods of public relations could include community involvement, press releases and on the problems essential to target audience, speaking up at public. Small advertising budgets of small companies could use PR as an economica l medium to create the name of company and a lso

communicate brand image. Effective programs of public relations highlight the positive contribution and accomplishments of company to the community (Kent,and Taylor,2002, pp.36-37).

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