Psychology response paper

Psychology response paper.

Sometimes people do things unconsciously, without thinking. Although, sometimes we do something just to belong to a group or simply obey other people’s orders. Facing different circumstances people may act differently. So conformity and obedience are a couple of terms that explain persons decision to act.

Conformity, as Myers defines, is when we adjust our behaviors or thinking toward some group standard (Myers, 2014, p.466). The author also suggests that mimicry and suggestibility are types of conformity. Myers stated that people are natural mimics because we without thinking imitate other people’s expressions, postures and voices which actually helps us to feel what others are feeling. According to him this explains why people feel happier around happy people not depressed people. I think that when we are with someone who is feeling bad we sometimes try to understand why they are feeling bad, understand what they are feeling, and we believe that being cheerful would make them feel even worse.

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