Project about banks

What bank is for real. How banks work. Types of banks. How banks get profit. How safe your money is in bank. How banks work with government. Safest bank in the world.

In this ten minutes I will talk about What is a bank:

So in this XXI century nobody can imagine their life without money. But does anybody fought how banks make money and how do they work? And I have one question to audience, does here is person who don’t have any bank account? So yea I fink what everybody have bank accounts now days.

Second is national bank. Is bank who belongs to government. Main purpose is to create plan how to control money and how to make that money would be safe.

Government borrow money from banks for personal use like: projects, concerts like was in February sixteen, and so on. But it’s not the only thing what they do with banks. Some people don’t have bank accounts because when you use banks and do some type of criminal activyti they can find from where did you get your money, or where spend it. And its really easy to track persons who make crimes together.

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  • Project about banks
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