Problem solving

Problem solving.

What is A problem? Which is THE problem?

It is a difficult or complex situation that obstacles an action; A doubt to solve in which the recognition of a solution implies possible alternatives; It is a require that waits for a solution.

A difficulty, an obstacle, a disturb ....OR... An opportunity, a challenge, an aim to achieve.

Importance attributed and sensitiveness to the specific situation.

The unsatisfaction level in front of the problem.

I.e. a lot of students complain about it.

A problem states in a particular situation that is characterised by a level of unsatisfaction and by the decision to use resources to reduce or to solve it.

Do NOT change anything just based on a individual “hunch”!!!

To solve wrong problems or not priority problems is strategically dangerous.

To find a problem.. or to identify the problem is a generative act.

We tend to solve problem more than to find problem. Humans are more incline to react than to create!

The starting point is NOT the solution of problems.

How to recognise the causes of a problem.

Do NOT search for the GUILTY one! Only while analysing the causes You can find where the process can be improved.

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