Presentation for natural disaster

Presentation for natural disaster.

Indonesia is lying on the ‚Ring of Fire” and experiences a high frequency of earthquakes and about 127 volcanoes. One of these volcanoes is Anak Krakatau (means Child of Krakatau), that is an active volcano. On 22 December 2018, it erupted, and the eruption caused the collapse of the southwest portion of the volcano, which triggered the tsunami. The waves struck the coastline of Banten and Lampung with a height of 13 meters. They destroyed 7000, damaged 6000 houses and left 330000 people homeless.  2783 people lost their lives as the waves travelled many kilometres along the shore.

Indonesian Coordinating industry now understood that authorities often didn‘t pay attention to such threats and held a conference with Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology, Geophysical agencies.

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