One possible solution is buy from companies that have a commitment to reducing deforestation. For example then companies see what people is interested more and will take the same activity. By doing this, we will help to save more trees.

Another helpful suggetion is to plant more trees. For instance more trees , than in forest would live more animals. In this way we will save many animals species.

One possible solution is use public transport. For example, we need to encourage People To Use more and more public transport . By doing this,we will reduce pollution.

Our everyday activities use electricity. Energy waste is very bad think, becouse energy, of course, cost money. We need to solve this problem and save energy.

Today entire city is being flooded by garbage problems. Rubbish causing diseases, allergies, their have bad smell and its air pollution of course. Thats why we need to solve this problem.

One possible solution is to collect trash and carry to the dust-head. For example, people shoud clean their environment and cities. In this way, their will have cleaner and safer place.

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