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Poland the heart of europe. President bronisŁaw komorowski. People. Ethnic structure. Gender structure. Language polish. Capital city warsaw. Currency zloty (pln, zŁDiversity of polish landscape. Let's go to poland. The tatra mountains. The highlanders (gÓraleThe masurian lake district. The baltic sea. Polish landmarks. Warszawa (warsawTop tourist attractions in warsaw. KrakÓw (cracowThe jagiellonian university. WrocŁaw. GdaŃsk. Zakopane. Polish national cuisine. RosÓŁ (chicken soup with polish noodlesŻurek (traditional polish sour soup.

Concerning Poland and Polish culture, such as Polish national symbols, currency, ethnic and gender structure and Polish national cuisine. The presentation includes a lot of pictures of Polish diverse landscapes and the most famous cities.

Polish 97.6%, German 1.3%, Belorussian 0.6%, Ukrainian 0.5%.

The capital of Poland and its largest city.

Formerly, the capital of Poland and now the cultural and intellectual centre.

Universities in the world. The university has over 50.000 students and more then 3.000 academic staff. Programmesofstudy areofferedin48disciplinesand93 specialisations.

Zakopane is called the Winter capital of Poland.

Pierogi ruskie (boiled pasta filled with cheese, onion and potatoes – half moon shaped).

GoŁąbki (cooked minced meat and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves).

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