Patterns of sleep

Patterns of sleep.

As a consequence of this data, we can say that biphasic sleep pattern is better than monophasic. It is not only because we see clear benefits for our bodies of napping, but also that’s the way how human beings were sleeping all the time. Historically, they used to sleep two times in a day for the quite same amount of sleep, but anyway it is more similar to siestas schedules than to monophasic sleep. However, to choose to sleep two times in a day is harder for your own schedule. Not everyone are able to find free time to do this thing or are not so interested, while instead you can choose to sleep one time per day.

Finally, the most extreme and mysterious sleep pattern is called polyphasic, which means that you sleep only naps whole day. Internet is full of different opinions about it. Some people thinks that you only need to adapt your body and it will work fine, while others says that it is impossible. Opinions about how is it safe for your health to choose polyphasic sleep differentiates too. The main reason of various points of this topic is, because it is really hard to believe that extremely little amount of sleep per day for a long-term is enough for a person to function normally. There are few different polyphasic sleep schedules, but all of them have the same point, that you divide your day into several naps and your total sleep time is between two to three hours.

One of the most famous polyphasic sleep schedule’s named “Uberman”. The main idea is that you have to sleep for twenty minutes at a time, every four hours, round the clock. In this way you get two hours of sleep in every twenty-four hour period. The way how it works is just that schedule tricks your mind into entering the last stage of sleep (REM) immediately when you fall asleep. REM has been found to be the part of cycle that provides the benefits of sleep for your mind. Unfortunately, the only real way to adapt to this is through sleep deprivation of sorts. Adaption takes time and usually days from 3 to 10 are the hardest and least productive. People, who tried this schedule, gives an advice never oversleep a nap and especially not miss it, because then you will be exhausted for at least a day. Also, those who have tried for about five months and shared their experience on the internet, did not have any side-effects.

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