Past Perfect Continous 

Past Perfect Continous . Present Perfect Continous . Future Perfect Continous . Present simple  . Present perfect continuous . Past perfect continuous .

PAST PERFECT HAD + PAST PARTICIPLE I had met you had met he/she/it met we had met you had met they had met Naudojimas: Kai veiksmas ivyko pries kita veiksma ar ivyki praeityje. Pavyzdys: When mum arrived, the children had already washed the dishes.(1.Vaikai isplove indus, 2.Mama atvaziavo.) Had you ever visited India before your trip in 2004? 

PRESENT CONTINUOUS AM/IS/ARE + VERB+ing I am dancing you are dancing he/she/it is dancing we are dancing you are dancing they are dancing Naudojimas 1. Veiksmas, vykstantis siuo metu. Naudojama su zodziu "now". Pavyzdys: James is playing football. They are not reading now. What song is she singing? Naudojimas: 2. Veiksmas, vykstantys siuo laiko periodu(nebutinai sia akimirka) Pavyzdys: I am studying to become a doctor. She is reading 'Romeo and Juliet'. Naudojimas: 3. Veiksmas, vyksiantis netolimoje ateityje. Pavyzdys: I am visiting my grandparents this weekend. The plane is leaving tomorrow at 10 o'clock. Naudojimas: 4. Pasikartojantis erzinantis veiksmas. Naudojama su zodziais "always", "constantly". Pavyzdys: He is always comming to class late. I don't like them because they are always complaining. 

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