Parent and children relationship

Parent and children relationship.

Today my topic is parents and childrens relationship. A good relationship between parents and their children is very important. The ideal picture of a family is when parents and children mutually support and respect each other. But it is important to understand that not only children but parents can make mistakes as well because we humans arn't perfect. So what can teens do to overcome conflicts with their parents?

I believe the most common disagreements between parents and children is caused by misunderstandings or distrust of children. I think that parents and children have to make compromise. Parents have to let their kids have leisure time with friends, if they promise to help at home when they get back.Parents have to trust their kids and if they know how to behave properly, give them more freedom and independence. The relationship between children and their parents may be complicated but it’s worth to try and maintain close relationship as it helps to ensure parents and children connection throughout the years.

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  • Parent and children relationship
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