Pancake day

Pancake day.

Pancake day is a winter celebration, symbolizing the outpouring of winter to summon spring and mark the last day of winter meat. The celebration fascinates with the beauty and creativity of folk humor. The main symbols of the celebration are camouflage, masks, pancakes, the fight of lard and hemp, the burning of "More".The day after Pancake day is called Ash Day. After Pancake day, Lent begins before Easter, during which fasting is encouraged. During Pancake day, only light works are traditionally worked, food is prepared and saturated food is eaten and entertained. The people say that if you work hard during Pancake day, "there will be no rest during the whole year, you will not finish the work".People were preparing for Pancake day: they were taking care of their costumes and masks, they were in a hurry to finish the heavier farm work before the holiday, to dig out the cereals - they would say, if they were lazy, they would cut their mice. Spinning women, who can cause a lot of disasters in particular: worm meat, flax, rust and shingles will rust, and so on.

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