Nouns project

Nouns. What is a noun? A noun is a naming word. The dog followed the boy. Dog is the name of an animal. Can you find the nouns in the following sentences? The window was broken. Which word is a noun? I lost my knife. Yes it’s knife. The bun was stale. Yes it’s bun. The coat was too short. Yes you are correct! Coat is the noun. The cat ran away. That’s right it’s cat. The girl washed her hands. Which words are nouns? The dog barked at the policewoman. Dog and policewoman are nouns. Winter is the coldest season. Winter and season are nouns. Well done! The ferry arrived safely. Well done! Ferry is the noun in this sentence. Only one sweet was left in the dish. The two nouns are sweet and dish. Remember. Nouns are naming words.

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