North Korean Operating System

North Korean Operating System. Master-Race. Sponsored by Kim Jong Un. Red star os. Developer Korea Computer Center. Os family Unix-like. Same as Linux. Linux is the most widely used OS. If you buy. First versions was released around It was looking like Windows XP. Version was introduced on April If the user tries to disable security functions. Official History. First Version were in development since. “Red Star”. How red star. Before using Red Star OS. After. Strengths. Weaknesses. Epilogue. If you plan.

If you buy a computer PC or a Laptop it will definitely with Red Star OS pre-installed.

First versions 1.0 was released around 2003. It was looking like Windows XP.

Second version was looking like Windows Vista it was released at 2009 selling if for 4000 North Korean money ~29$.

You can use Linux softwares and Windows softwares while looking like a MAC os while having True freedom unlike Real “Mac OS”. Which makes this operating system look “Universal”.

*The NK has alot of spyware viruses integraded in the system. *NK has access to you’re information and computer. *hacking vulnerabilities *No English localization.

You can even use it on you’re potato computer. Looks cool like my Kim...

If you plan on trying out this os do it on Virtual machine called “Oracle VM VirtualBox”.

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