My future profession presentation

My future profession. By Gabrielė Lina Sarsadskich. Haven‘t really. These professions are. Famous violinist. If I will. Other famous violinist. A. Rieu Vanessa Mae. Musician pluses and minuses. Pluses Musicians can play in a big known orchestras. Dentist. Dentist is a. To become a good doctor requires a lot of study at university. Dentist pluses and minuses. Pluses You can help. For now it is important for me to learn very well. Thank you for watching.

These professions are very different. For violinist you need to have not just good hearing but you need many rehearse.

If I will be a musician I‘ll want to play like Viljamas Čepinskis or Sergej Krylov.

Dentist is a dental doctor. He treats teeth. Healthy , nice teeth are not only beautiful, but also has an impact on the entire human body condition. It‘s pleasure to see a nice person smile.

If I will became a dentist I will make a beautiful smiles for all my friends,teathers and parents.

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