My family – description

My family – description.

My father is simple lorry driver, so he travel in lots of Europian countries. He is very responsible and never miss a work day, or get lay with his shipment. But I think he is a bit to much argumentative. If our opinions dont match, you better wait for dispute. On the other hand, we is sensible – we knows a lot off things. So my father is convetional person.

Last year my brother graduaded university in it engineerity section. How he works in that area at Vilnius, and for now he is successful it engineer. I and my brother are very close to each other. Maybe our thinking is not allways been the same, but we agree on many things. While I are talking about thinging, I should say my brother is a bit eccentric. Sometimes he dresses, things differently like nobody else would. So my brother is different.

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  • My family – description
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