Music piracy

Music piracy.

Music has long been an integral part of every human life. It acompanies them everywhere. People have a lot more opportunities to listen to music, because modern ages made their life easier. In the twentieth century, all bought platters, trays, etc., but in the twenty-first century technology rapidly advanced stage, so songs can be downloaded to your computer. Anyone can download them, but it is not legitimate, so penalties are very high. Today, this issue is particularly relevant, since the penalties for illegal music downloading is very strict.

To figure out what is music piracy epidemic and what is it‘s threat.

To conclude about the importance of music piracy in reduce sailing.

Similar conclusions in 2011. came, and the Japanese government established the commission, she studied the impact of piracy in the Japanese animation DVD sales (Gintautas Degutis 2013). It was found that the pirate-related harm is less than the cost to developers giving the same effect on online advertising. After examining 105 different cartoon episodes sales, downloads and reviews, the Commission found: file-sharing sites work negatively responded DVD rental figures, but did not affect DVD sales.

Summarizing this cours paper, I would like to note a few points. In particular, music piracy epidemic is spreading rapidly around the world. In order to be able to prevent the government punishes those engaged in the activity. Moreover, the impact on society is very high, because this time no one wants to buy music in stores or online. They know a lot more convenient and less expensive way – it is possible to download it for free. Although, it is prohibited and is punishable, music piracy does not bring any range of music companies.

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