Microsoft new innovation: Microsoft teams

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Microsoft is one of the leading technology company in the world. (Statista,2020). Their mission is mainly to empower every individual and organisations around the world to achieve more. Microsoft plays a key role in terms of data centres with its enterprise class operating systems which gives organisations a powerful administrative control of big corporate services and networks. (Bellis M,2020).In order to provide the best services and improve communication for big corporate companies and people around the word, on 2017 Microsoft came up with their new innovation called “Microsoft Teams” (Microsoft 2019) becoming the top workplace app in 2019, beating out its competitor Slack. (TheVerge,2020). Microsoft teams is a flexible software seamlessly integrates chat, calls, file sharing, video meetings, and third-party apps to allow employees to engage in a nonlinear workflow. MS creates an open digital environment that makes the work more visible and accessible. (Complete 366,2018).

During 2020, Coronavirus pandemic was a turning point for Microsoft. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Chief Executive, has spoken about how the world has gone through " Two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months" (Forthtech, 2020). It is important to investigate this innovation because they quickly had to make adjustment to the software in order to satisfy all the customers around the world. They had to get back on track and start to function in the “new normal” whatever that may look like. (Aternity, 2020). Schools, colleges and universities across the UK have embraced Teams to ensure that teachers and students can stay in touch and share work (Statista, 2020).

Nationwide, around 2.5 million video calls were made by Nationwide employees in June alone, up nearly 3,000% on February. Screen shares rose 750% as 12,000 colleagues worked from home and took part in daily meetings. (Microsoft, 2020). As per now, Microsoft teams itself alone, makes $49 billion. (BusinessofApps,2020). This report will be beneficial to the management readers as it will help them to identify the key challenges and benefits that Microsoft had during the Corona virus pandemic in order to provide the best service to everyone through their new innovation Microsoft teams.

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