Marpol presentation

Marpol presentation.

Materials classified in Category A are especially harmful to human health and the marine environment and are therefore subject to strict controls. Category B substances are also harmful to human health and the environment, the prevention of emissions to specific measures. Category C substance poses a low risk to humans and the environment, while moving it is sufficient to observe special operating conditions. Category D substances practically non-toxic and represent only a small risk to the environment. While moving attentive sufficient to operate the vessel.

Came into force in July 1992. These rules include the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code), and the MARPOL 73/78 Annex III is very limited, with references to the IMDG Code, formulate the requirements for such shipments. The transport of dangerous goods containers, according to the IMDG Code, under normal circumstances they do not have access to the whole environment, so pollution is not regulated. In case of emergency affected by the general principle of the Convention, giving priority to the people and rescue ship, regardless of the consequences for the environment.

ANNEX I: oil pollution prevention and regulations. It came into force in October 1983. Annex I consists of 4 chapters and 3 additions.

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