Life and death in ICU around the world

Life and death in ICUs around the world. An intubated patient. Nurse Leah Silver. Nurse Ashlee Davis. Hospital staff do. The video feed. Medical workers treat. COVID-19 patient Theresa. A nurse cares. Brandel Janke and. A medical worker. Paula Johnson. Medical staff members surround patient Mang Phother. Branko Milosevic and. Hospital staff treat. Messages of support. A patient suffering. Patient Kouyate. Doctors talk to. Belgian doctor Antoine. Medical personnel jump. Nurse Samantha Poirier. Patient Christine Anest. A member of. A member of the medical staff, wearing a face protective mask. A covid-19 patient. A patient undergoes. Doctor Katharina Franz and paramedic Andreas Hankel. Medical workers disinfect. Medical workers take. Nurse Dilara Fahrioglu's. Health workers help a patient suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19A medical staff. A pulse oximeter. A drawing made. Medical staff members. Medical staff, wearing protective face masks. A placard reading. Medical staff, wearing protective suits and face masks. Members of the. Multiple members of. Medical workers in. Medical workers in protective suits treat a COVID-19 patient at the Casalpalocco hospital. Messages are pictured. Nurses eat lunch.

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  • Life and death in ICU around the world
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