Language influence essay

Language influence.

As for myself, I can speak two languages – Lithuanian and English, I was learning Russian, but I was unable to learn it to the point where I could use it freely in every situation the way I want, but I can form few sentences in Russian. Despite these three languages I have also have been in contact with few other languages, for example: Polish, Latvian, Estonian, German, Italian and Danish. Most of these contacts came to be when I was visiting other countries, but some of them came to me.

One summer, I was working at a small hotel in Palanga and the majority of the residents were from Lithuania, but there were also tourists from other countries, whom did not speak Lithuanian. Few of our residents were English speakers. Midway through their vacation in Palanga, they had an accident. Few family members was in distress and came to reception to look for some help, as my colleagues could not speak in English, I was the one who did the talking.

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