Job interview Food inspector

Job interview Food inspector.

V- Very impressive. May I ask about your experience in that type of job?

J- When I completed my master degree, I was hired in firm, which is related with food production, so I was working as food safety specialist. After this job I was working at food and veterinary risk assessment institute in food research laboratory and it would be very good to gain more experience in that type of job.

P-What you will do if you have conflict with your coworker?

J- Yes, I have some questions. Firstly, what is the starting salary?

V- This company the height of salary depends on the number of hours.

V- Standard business hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

J- Will the company pay for any extra education or training?

V- Extra education helps to find ways to work better. This company seek professional perfection and company pay for training.

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  • Job interview Food inspector
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