Is it important to protect nature? (2)

Is it important to protect nature? (2).

The biggest disadvantage of harming nature is the changing of global climate which happens because of the greenhouse gasses released by factories and vehicles. What this means is that on a century-scale the average temperature of our planet’s climate has been rising, causing some related effects. For instance, the risen sea level due to ice loss in Antarctica. It causes problems for that area’s fauna because, as it is known, polar bears (loss of areas to live and hunt on because of the melting ice) and blue whales (suffering from the increasing temperatures) are on the verge of extinction.

On the whole, humans need to learn how to live together with nature in a peaceful manner because destroying the one thing that keeps balance in our planet ought to leave a huge, dark mark in our everyday lives.

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  • Is it important to protect nature? (2)
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