Hunger is more than just a lack of food

Hunger is more than just a lack of food.

Lack of work is also a powerful concern, which makes daily life routine for hunger martyrs even more complicated. The developing countries are characterizes as countries with high unemployment rate and it is extremely difficult to find a well-paid job, so you can provide your family with essential things for surviving, which includes food, clothes and shelter. Today there are even 1.4 billion people, who lives in extreme poverty that will say, they earn $1.25 or less per day. So how it is possible to survive and feed your family with having $1.25 per day? However, many finds their own ways to earn the money they need. Different ages of male in company with their small children is often joining an illegal work ranks such as slaves. Their job includes working on large plantations, fields or farms, taking care of animals, repairing buildings, houses etc. Poverty pushes them into debt bondage slavery when financial emergencies strike. However, men are not only one who are sacrificing for family welfare, women are also quite often forced to contribute to family savings, by prostituting at streets in order to feed their family.

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  • Hunger is more than just a lack of food
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