Goethe's Faust

Goethe's Faust.

The ghetto tragedy is two parts. The first part consists of 25 scenes, the second one consists of five actions. In the beginning there is dedication and two prologues: The Prologue in the Theater and the Prologue in the Sky. Goethe wrote "Faust" for many years, making the composition and style unmistakable. The idea and artistic concept of the work changed and matured with the author's personality. Goethe called his tragedy a "vague world". Such a world is not precisely planned without a seamless image system. Not only are the two parts different, but also the scenes and episodes of each part, it is not always possible to feel the connection between them. However, the thematic unity of the tragedy, the purposeful development of philosophical thought, is striking. The same idea of ​​inner integrity was spoken by Goethe himself. Already at the beginning of the tragedy, the author raises problems that he continues to develop.

In the dispute between God and the devil, Goethe shows the importance of man in the great universe. The interlocutors look at it differently. The God expressed by Goethe expresses the humanistic thought that man is a thinking, searching, albeit misleading, being.

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