Today, doctors are not doubt in the fact that toxic substances that cause pollution and falling into the food, water, air, and then into the body, can cause premature aging.

Live shows us that in mature and older age people can be deeply unhappy, lonely, to be a burden for the family, disappointment to the young and even suffer abuse in the family and public social institutions.

Old age is the final phase in human development, in which this process occurs on a downward curve of life. In other words, in the life of a person with a certain age involution manifest signs that already expressed in the appearance of an old man, reducing his vitality, physical disabilities.

Old age may be close to a person in two ways: through physiology weakening of the body, and by reducing the strength and mobility of the mental processes. In the old age, there is a natural and an obligatory reduction of force disabilities. These processes relate to psychic activity, which is expressed in a variety of mental states, not accompanied by dementia, and then talk about psychic decline.

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