Future job aspects

Future job aspects.

Secondly, my future job needs to have acceptable work hours – for instance – 9-to-5 work hours. It’s not good for you and your mental health if you don’t get a good night’s sleep or work late. With a reference to some studies, a person is most productive at 10 a.m., because your brains are well rested. Also, people want to have a great social life and with unacceptable work hours you can’t have that.

Last but not the least aspect is meeting new people. Honestly, I would love to be working at Buzzfeed or Refinery29 because you connect with people from all around the world. Therefore, you can even get to know your favorite celebrity or a celebrity crush, who knows. In other words, being sociable at work with others is a big deal for me, it helps to decrease a sturdy routine.

In a nutshell, my future job should have a good salary, acceptable work hours, opportunities to meet new people and be creative.

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  • Future job aspects
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