French economy: Coco Chanel

French economy: Coco Chanel .

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel (1883-1971) was the fashion designer and businesswoman in France. In 1907, she met Etienne who introduced her to a luxurious lifestyle. Coco Chanel started her fashion career by designing hats. With the help of Etienne, she opened her first shop in Paris in 1913. As it became more and more popular, she started selling clothes, as well as jewelry, handbags, and fragrance. She was the founder of the Chanel brand. Chanel was a successful woman in business was a professional person because she reached the heights of a career through hard work, ambition, energy and lifestyle.

Today, Coco Chanel is really strong and powerful in brand fashion market. However, like every company with a strong brand it needs to keep power, therefore, it has faced with the challenges of the future. In French economy lecture 6 aspects were introduced, so I'll try to discuss them all.

First is the expansion toward new emergent markets. This is very important, because customers like to go to shop and see the real product (or try this brand products). Chanel is the world's luxury brand company and we are able to buy Chanel products in a lot of fancy stores. But for example, in my country (Lithuania) you can’t find a Chanel store. However, there is no need to have a store in all countries, I think it is enough to sell product implementing in a different designer’s shop, where customers can come and find the product. Because is really expensive to open a whole store.

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