Financial Ratios

Financial Ratios.

One of the world’s largest retailers, team of 530,000 people in 12 markets across the world, 36 % of annual sales are from outside the UK.

Established 1997 6.5 million Customers 3000 staff across Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Newcastle Offers personal banking products Mortgages, credit cards, loans, savings.

Established 1989 Offers customer insight and works on personalising customer experience Works with retailers and brands on worldwide scale analysing data of over 350million customers.

Shows how long credit customers is talking to pay back to the company. More days the customer takes paying back, bigger risk company faces. Stakeholders that possibly will be interested in this ratio: customers, banks and suppliers.

Do not rely on only one type of ratio Ratios based on fundamentals are not the whole picture Accounting Treatments, such as deprecations will affect ratios Non-Financial Performance indicators.

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