Exercise and diet

Exercise and diet.

Exercise and diet is the key to healthy lifestyle. Physical activity improves our body’s condition and increases our lifespan. How we eat is important, because it effects our mood, energy level, the work of our organs. If we don’t observe our diet and exercise regularly, health problems will occur.

Aim/objective: to investigate our friends exercise and diet habits. Respondents: 56 people ( 25 males, 31females) ages 16 – 30. Method: A questionnaire; 10 closed questions.

Do you only eat healthy food? 2. Do you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day? 3. Do you count calories? 4. Do you use food pyramid to determine your diet? 5. Are you aware of bad diet risks? 6. Do you physical activity like jogging or running? 7. Are you familiar with workout benefits? 8. How satisfied are you with your physical form/weight? 9. Is there any sport you like to play multiple times a week? 10. Do you exercise in the morning/evening?

Do you do physical activity like jogging or running?

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  • Exercise and diet
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