Evolution of power supply in Lithuania

Evolution of power supply in Lithuania.

Sun in 2013 made around 1,3% At the end of the year there were 1852 sun power stations that belong to company “Lesto” All power of those plants are 61 MW. Unfortunately Sun in Lithuania is not shining very brightly and we can produce energy only in season time.

Solar panels in Lithuania are more common for heating water in house and are bought individualy.

In 2003 there was built first wind power plant, taken from Netherlands, although it didn’t work properly it still it is said that it was the beginning of wind power plants in Lithuania Its power was 160kW In 2004 in Kretingos region, there was turned on Newest design German power plant witch had power of 600kW.

After those events Lithuania started building wind power plants over all Lithuania, but most common power plants are near sea. This year sum of all power plants is about 282MW The wind energy is growing very rapidly in Lithuania In 2015 January-June wind power plants made about 19% of Lithuanias electricity.

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