Enviromental Problems (2)

Enviromental Problems (2).

A second big problem is pollution. I will mention only two types of it : Air and water pollution.Nowadays, people keep destroying our planet.Water pollution in some countries , including lithuania , is getting bigger every year and the reason of it is industrial , radioactive wastes, oil spills, rubbish.Talking about air pollution, it causes emissions from industries and manufacturing activities, burning of fossil fuels. Biggest consequence is our health, increasing getting sick with cancer, or the heart diseases. Another effect is global warming, temperature is raising every year. Water and air pollution is also bad for all the living organisms.To reduce upcoming problems , people should drive less, recycle , maybe plant a tree and of course encourage others. Goverment has to force companies to be more responsible with their manufacturing activities and of course invest more wind energy and solar energy spots.

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