English presentation about ethical hacking

Ethical hacking. Structure of presentation. Definition of Ethical hacking. The mysterious Ethical Hacker. Types of hackers. Black hat hackers. White hat hackers. Gray hat hackers. Hacking process. Types of attacks. Required skills to become Ethical Hacker. Bug bounty program. Example of how easy it is for hackers to break into your computers. Conclusion. Sources. Thank you for your attention.

Black hat hackers White hat hackers Gray hat hackers.

Black hat hackers that are also called crackers are individuals with extraordinary technical computer skills who perform malicious or destructive activities Black hat hackers user their knowledge and skills for their own personal gains by hurting others in most of the cases.

Foot printing – the technique that is used for gathering information about computer systems Scanning networks – a procedure to identify active host on a network, either for the purpose of attacking them or for network security assessment. Gaining access – it’s the most important phase in terms of potential damage. Clear and track logs – an attacker must destroy evidence of his presence to evade punitive actions. Erasing evidence of a compromise is a requirement for any attacker who would like to remain obsecure.

DDos attacks Operating system attacks Dos attacks Spoofing attacks Password attacks Identity attacks.

Linux/Unix knowledge Knowledge of routers, routing protocols Firewalls, intrusion detection system Microsoft configuration and management Technical and security knowledge Network knowledge Patience.

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