English lexicology

English lexicology.

Part-of–speech classification ( noun, adjective, verb, adverb, numeral forming suffixes)

Origin of suffixes (native Germanic: -er, -ful, --less, -ship, -hood, -ward, Romanic: -tion, -able/ible, -ance/ence, Greek: -ist, -ism, -ize, Russian: -nik)

Productivity (productive: -er, -ize, -ness, semi-productive: -ette, -eer,non-productive: -th, -ard)

Exocentric (not fulfilling the role of any of its constituents) compounds (hangover, killjoy, forget-me-not)

Similarity of behaviour: a fox (= a cunning person), a Don Juan.

The whole for the part (totum pro parte): Brazil won the match.

The place of establishment for its policy: the White House

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