Don't turn your personal life into a war zone

Don't turn your personal life into a war zone.

Why does sometimes war breaks straight into our hearts? Why sometimes, someone that you love betrays you, hurts you and turns himself into a monster that you cannot even recognize anymore? That person might be holding a very powerful gun in his hands which might be his words or his actions or simply some sort of disrespectful behavior towards you.

Let's be honest, everyone wants peace (well, almost everyone because there are still some psychos at there who want some war) but nevertheless we still create some warzones in our lives. We fight with people (usually, with the ones that we love the most which is very stupid but hard to avoid I think), we seek for revenge and want to make someone suffer. How can we overcome that? As mother Teresa once said: "Peace begins with a smile". It sounds like extremely simple, maybe silly in some cases (I mean, when your having a crazy argument with your mother for example where she is shouting at you and almost breaking the windows or something and then you randomly smile like this) but trust me, it is definitely working! In some cases, people become a little bit confused by what the hell you are doing but once you start talking and saying that you do not want to fight, that you completely understand how they feel and that you want peace and you promise to fix whatever you were arguing about, the look on their faces suddenly changes because they understand that you are not an enemy and that they can count on you or at least forgive you for what you have done or have not.

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