Doing business in Italy

Doing business in Italy.

During a business or social meeting, it is necessary to shake hands with everyone- men, women or children from standing position. Ladies should extend their hand first to men. Shaking hands again when leaving. Usually the handshake is going with eye contact and a smile between strangers. [1]

Italian colleagues stand much closer to each other, on an arm's length distance, because large hand movements and close contact are acceptable in Italian business environment. [1] Italians are tactile people, because they tend to touch each other quite often during conversations. They are one of Europeans, who have the biggest body contact. [6]

Eye contact in Italy should be direct, because it is a sign of interest, openness and warmth, looking away during the conversation could send negative signals. Keeping eye contact while talking is necessity, because Italians might think you are hiding something. The eye contact shows to Italian business colleagues that you are sincere and honest person. [5]

Italians are usually relaxed around things relating to time, so they are not the type of people who will bang on time. They try to be punctual, because it is a good way to make a good impression on people, so they try to be on time. Being late for a good reason will not bring any bad views, but the deliberate lateness makes people angry and underlines person's rudeness. A person should call with an explanation, why did he late. [4]

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