Do Men and Women Talk Differently?

Do Men and Women Talk Differently?.

Another point that proves that men and women talk differently, is the fact that through their speech, males and females display different intentions that are achieved by using different speech patterns. To quote Holmes (2013: 7):

While there are numerous sources that present these language differences as obvious, another way of viewing this is that whatever differences may be observed, they do not depend on the gender of the speaker but rather on the specific circumstances. As Adler (2011: 186) claims, there are examples that lead to completely different findings. He points out that in families where the wives are feminists, they tend to speak more than their partners, thus breaking the stereotype that men talk more than women. Another example of this is male teachers whose vocabulary appears to be much more similar to their female colleagues’ than to males’ working in other positions. While these are real findings, this argument is irrelevant to the topic because an exception does not negate the overall trend which shows that generally women do talk differently from men.

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