Divine command ethics

Divine command ethics.

Q: Since we know that everything in the universe works by cause and effect. What caused universe in the existence?

Also Devine command ethics rejects general revelation, since it states that we can’t discern God’s moral characteristics with our human reasoning. Our sin has blinded us from seeing what is good and wrong. Gods will is working in the word but we are unable to see it because of our main problem - sinfulness.

The central theme of voluntarism is faith and obedience. The most significant thing about humans is not reasoning as natural law theory states but our free will and ability to choose.

Devine command ethics show some problems that happen when we leave sin out of moral equation. If our all being is implicated in sin it might explain why we can’t agree on what is right and wrong. Also it may also provide us a reason why world doesn’t tel us what we need to know about ethical matters.

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