Development of economic thought in Lithuania

Development of economic thought in Lithuania.

economy were the fact that this country was taken under Soviet control and belonged to Soviet

the footsteps of Soviet economic ideas (Lithuania was following the footsteps of Soviet

Since the beginning of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, this country was concentrated on

of the relationship with Prussians, Lithuania mainly concentrated on trading with Riga because it

only trading with Riga, Moscow, Navahradak, and Pskov. The main exports from Lithuania were

wax, furs, and grains. The main imports were salt, metal, and wool. Since the end of XVIII till

the XIX centuries, capitalism arrived in Lithuania and it drastically increased the number of

craftsman also the number of population in cities, in 1814, grew and reached 17l thousands. In

those cities were recorded 64 companies and later on, in 1858 there were already 236 companies.

This showed a huge progress in Grand Duchy’s economy that was caused not only by trading,

but by also changing the whole economic thought into private sectors.(

In the 19th century lots of new creations were made for the better infrastructure of

because of a new road, Lithuania’s exports were way bigger than imports. However, most of the

money that the country got from exports went to Tsarist Russia's coffers. In 1861-1862 there was

built a new Petersburg- Warsaw railroad. In 1898, in one of the Lithuanian cities, Kaunas, there

was built the first power station. Later on, in 1891, in Kaunas and Vilnius, there was created and

opened a horse tram way. All of those structures mentioned before made a huge investment in

At the end of 19th century, Lithuania and its economy looked absolutely different but not

country and 27.1 thousands of people were working in those industries. However, the fact that

only 27.6 percent of Lithuanians were working in those sectors is not that satisfying. There were

42.1 percent of Jews and 15.3 percent of Polish working in Lithuanian industries. There were

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